Urchin journal

Stories from the sea

April 2023
How Did It All Start
It’s the age-old story of Boy meets Girl. It’s a story of love and shared passions – which included sailing and all things related to the ocean. Both wanted a boat. That simple. And they embraced a common dream: one of adventure. Therefore, sailing to exciting destinations was the goal....
January 2023
Boat Review by Jeremy Bagshaw
In a previous life, I had an office, with a desk and chairs and a computer and an incredibly annoying telephone; and customers that used to walk in and out all day. Approximately five years ago, one of my best customers walked in with a roll of plans under his...
April 2023
Urchin’s Meals & Favourite Recipes
Prior to Urchin setting sail, a detailed meal list is planned to ensure the boat is sufficiently victualled. We ensure that at night, a warm comforting square meal can be enjoyed by all. These meals are cooked on land, frozen and then placed into two freezers on board. These meals...
January 2023
What Should Urchin’s Guests Pack?
What to take on board, depends on the time of year, destination, and the weather. Packing space on a boat is always limited. Therefore, “less is more” must be the order of the “luggage day”. Standard Gear must include: A set of Foul Weather Gear Sailing Boots (and long socks)...
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